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National Online Poster Making Art Contest April-May 2020

Welcome to Dessin Academy Art Contest

National Online Poster Making Art Contest April-May 2020 - Dessin Academy

From 20th April to 20th May 2020

JUNIOR GROUPPRE KG, LKG, and UKGEffects on environmental pollution due to COVID-19
Group AI and II STDEffects on environmental pollutions due to COVID-19
Group BIII, IV and V STDCovid-19 on global financial markets
Group DIX, X and XI STDTELEWORKING possibilities after COVID-19 demolition

Note Information

  1. Entry fee is 100/- painting
  2. Each student can send only one entry per competition.
  3. Paintings must be the student's original creative work.
  4. Entries should be closely related to the given topic, allowing for a degree of imaginary interpretation.
  5. The painting should be done in A4 size and must be sent in JPEG image form.
  6. Every entry must carry the following information in English and in Block Letters at Registration Form and while uploading the painting.
  7. Results will be announced by 10th of June 2020

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Please maintain the order so we can streamline the database. We conduct painting and poster making art competitions for the students, through both online and on-campus mode. Also, we conduct this contest on several school campuses seasonally to support kids and showcase their talents. Competitions are conducted at the national, district, and state levels. Some of these contests are funded by our DESSIN FINE ART TRUST, for kids to get free entries so that we can try our best to help students for equal opportunities.

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