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Art Competition for Chennai school Children at Urapakkam.

Contact No: 96000 97232 | 91768 86004

Dessin Academy Urapakkam presents Art Competition forschool Kids 2023

Registration Fee:Rs. 100/-
Last date for registration: 6th January 2023
Competition Date and Time: On 7th January 2023 between 04:30 pm and 06:30 pm.
Duration:2 Hours

Pre Kg to 1st Std.,

Topic: Colouring


2nd to 4th Std.,

Topic: Nature (or) Village scenery


5th to 6th Std.,

Topic: Global Warming (or) Save Earth


7th to 9th Std.,

Topic: Robots vs Human


AGRC MAHAL, Adhanoor Road, Jayalakshmi Nagar, Urapakkam West.

Contact:96000 97232 | 91768 86004


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