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Dessin Academy Presents Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition Season-6, 2022

Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022



Shades of Soul

Art exhibition 2022 season VI

We would like to cordially invite you all to come and celebrate with us this group art exhibition cum sale conducted by the students of Dessin academy.

Chief Guest: Kalai Nanmani Mr. P. Augustine Senior Artist

Venue: ASHVITA and rsquo;S ART GALLERY, Shop No. 31 and 34, Ground Floor, IOA Complex, Royapettah High Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 600004

Landmark: Same Building of Hindustan Trading Company Art store, Royapettah

Inauguration ceremony: 07th Dec 2022, 05:00 pm

Show dates and timings: 08th to 15th Dec 2022, 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Awarding ceremony: 15th Dec 2022, 04:00 pm

Please come with family and friends and cheer the occasion with your presence.

Artist Detail

Anitha Kumari Iddum

"I am Anitha, an artist based in Chennai, specializing in Tanjore, Oil and Acrylic styles of painting and subjects such as still life, portraits, landscapes, sketching, etc., for more than 20 years. I did my BFA in Dessin Academy and working as an art teacher in a school hoping to spread values through my art. I intend to implement an imperative approach to bring out the creativity in an individual and I vow to inculcate the significance and beautify the small minuscule actions that we perform in our day to day lives."

About Painting:

This is my own re-invention of the iconic number 23 Michel Jordon from the Chicago Bulls Era performing his signature dunk using a figurative pattern.

Painting of Anitha Kumari Iddum, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

S.C. Arjun Kumar

With the blessings and guidance of my Beloved parents and my Tutors Mr. And Mrs. Rajendran, I have learnt my art from the age of 5 with passion. Now I am a diploma certificate holder of arts, successfully exhibited my creations and received many accolades. I am one among of 40 of different age group got selected to place my creation in an exhibition conducted by the Tamilnadu Government Arts and Science academy.

About Painting

"The important reason why I have chosen this painting is to show the inner feeling of the person who makes others happy with his funny activity i.e. JOKER. They are the real hero who keeps all his sorrows and worries within him and entertain other people to forget their problems. They paint their face by showing happy mood do others and forget about their own identity. Sometimes, our parents are really act as a and ldquo;A Joker and rdquo; in front of us to make us happy always in spite of their worries and problems faced. Thank you."

Painting of Arjun Kumar, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Bharathi Govindarajan

Art is my childhood hobby which turned into my Passion .i did my DFA 2017 from where my art carrier started now am taking art as my profession. Artist R.Rajendiran sir Founder of dessin academy is my Master.

About Painting:

This is about a fish (me) and where it start to live out of water and enjoying its life.

Painting of Bharathi Govindarajan, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Binesh Subramanian

"Born in Kerala, Binesh Subramanian stays in Chennai right present. As a BFA graduate and passionate artist, presently hold a position of UI/UX Designer for a reputable company. Following in the creative and artistic footsteps of talented artists is his experience . He is fascinated by nature, and his best paintings capture its soul on canvas."

About Painting:

"We are all moving away from a healthy lifestyle in the current social climate. A villager feeds her pets with kindness and care after a long day of work. This painting clearly reflects the affection that individuals living in rural areas possess for the environment and their livestock. Any person who lives their natural life will be free from personal stress and social pressure."

Painting of Binesh Subramanian, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022


Art being my passion since childhood, did diploma in fine arts in the year 18-19. Since then, travelling with different mediums like Color Pencils, Soft Pastels, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor etc and hellip;

About Painting:

This is one of the Queen series. As the name depicts, she is the Queen of forests who protects all animals, birds, trees etc and hellip; All animals and birds feel safe being with Queen who takes care of them with love and kindness. She is the protector and gladiator.

Painting of R.S.Charanya, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Deepak R

I and rsquo;m a Cheerful Artist and working as an art instructor for past 8 years. I have been practicing pencil, pen, watercolor, acrylic and oil mediums to express my creativity. Acrylic and oil are my favorite mediums. Having been an artist since early days, I have bagged a lot of plaudits for it. The paint brushes are my little Brothers that scribble my emotion on canvas.

About Painting:

This Painting is an Aerial Perspective of the fishermen returning in boat after happy fishing. This work piece is splashed with vibrant hues and reflects our inner hope and joy of passion in our work.

Painting of Deepak R, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022


"Born in Kanchipuram, currently based in chennai. I am a Bfa graduate from Dessin Academy. I began my journey as self-taught artist with a watercolor painting usually, when i was 14 years old. My passion for art continued to grow over the years, leading me guru.Mr.Rajendren from Dessin academy. Since then, I have matured as an artist and a person , developing a style of surrealism and figure out mixed media. Every time and Every day i paint, my goal is to bring out my passionate, I focus more on the expressions of paintings, If it's a south indian based or sometimes it's Dreamism with a twist. I am working in mix media on canvas, I am uses the rich tones or sometimes monochormatic that provide to give my paintings a strong physical presence in texture. I infuses my composition with captivating gravity through the clever use of colors, subject,light and shades. I got best teacher award and ndash; 2018, Achieved real world record and ndash; 2017 in tenkasi. Art Legend Award -2020, Manikarnika kala Award - 2021, Best Mixed midea artist award - 2021, Master Award in painting - 2021, First prize in brillant brushes - 2022, "

About Painting:

"Even when she sleeps, every moment her sorrows and joys are alternately embraced in her dreams like a big thorn and a small thorn difference.This painting depicts her sleep as a small child. I used few colors to paint this painting, and not only that, but also put a lot of emphasis on texture"

Painting of D.Devika, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Elango .R

My self Elango. R., I studied B.F.A in and ldquo;Dessin academy and ldquo;(2019-2022). I and rsquo;m very much interested in sculpture (painting) realism art form.

About Painting:

Goddess Ganga sculpture in Carvings and contradictions of Airavateswarar temple called as Darasuram temple, located in Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Painting of Elango .R, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Ponni Ambalavanan

"Passion towards painting and sketching has been the driving force in My Journey towards Art . Though A Lawyer by profession it's been my childhood dream to take up Art which was fulfilled in my Forties . I spend most of my time in Meditation which soothes one soul and Yes painting is like meditation and Connecting with my Canvas feels great. and rdquo;

About Painting:

"Lord Shiva - Adhiyogi - The First Yogi Established at the foothills of Vellaiyangiri Mountains Coimbatore the Monument says it all - An inspiration for the Inner well- being. Lord Shiva - The First Yogi attained Enlightenment about 15,000 years ago. The 7 Saptarishis seated under the Statue are revered in Hinduism as great sages - the first disciples of Lord Shiva who were taught the Yogic Science after 80 years of penance and preparations by Lord Shiva himself, the sages in turn passed on the knowledge to the whole world. Was Awestruck Seeing the Life like monument in person . And Painting the Lord was another experience and yes it was meditative."

Painting of Ponni Ambalavanan, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Pratima Botu

"I am Pratima dreamt of exploring myself into art from childhood and now completed PG diploma in fine arts @ DESSIN ACADEMY. I am a trained and authorized art teacher from DESSIN ACADEMY. During past 5 years I got an opportunity to exhibit my work in various galleries, I feel so happy for my art being appreciated by the audience.

About Painting:

As I am more inclined to devotional and antique sculpture work tried to create a sculpture on canvas with different painting technique.

Pratima Bottu

Rekha Senthoor

Born in 1997- Chennai BFA(painting). I was very passionate towards drawing. When I realised it I made a way for it by stepping into the drawing class and that paved the way for further progress. Now I am working on fluid art to create unique style of painting with different techniques in acrylic. practising various styles in fluid. By seeing my painting one can experience different style, layers and texture.

About Painting:

"The artist does not see things as they are, but as he is "Alfred tonnelle. She worked with many mediums like acrylic, oil, pastel and watercolour as she liked the flow of colours in watercolour painting, she decided to implement the method in acrylic medium. Painting showcase the intensive effects of the nature and yet to develop the art in fluid style.

Painting of Rekha Senthoor, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Ritu Tripathi

"Born(1977) in Kanpur, she is a multifaceted art and craft professional who particularly enjoys acrylic creations and has over 15 years of experience in displaying a wide variety of art and craft forms in exhibitions and in imparting training in multiple media.

Apart from acrylic, her art forms expertise ranges from ethnic Indian art forms (such as Madhubani, Kalamkari, Miniature Mughal Painting) to murals on mixed media (such as terracotta clay and resin)and Indian folk arts (such as warli and tribal paintings). She is enthusiastic about sharing her love for art with children and adults."

About Painting:

Being fascinated by various dance forms of India through which culture and heritage is depicted. Odissi is one of the foremost and beautiful ancient Indian dance form. In this painting the dancer is getting ready to perform her genre.

Painting of Ritu Tripathi, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Shyamala Mullai Pandiyan

Shyamala Mullai Pandiyan is an Engineer turned Artist. Her paintings are centred around Sculptures and Indian heritage. She specializes in fluidic sculptures (Representational fluid art), semi abstract works and hyper realism. She has exhibited her works in many group shows. She has showcased her and lsquo;representational fluid art and rsquo; works in a virtual solo show. She is also a freelance illustrator. Recently her and lsquo;Koorma Avatar and rsquo; (fluidic sculpture) artwork has been selected for and lsquo;Bharata Chitra Kala Ratna Golden Lotus Award and rsquo; by and lsquo;Konaseema Chitrakala Parishad, Amalapuram, AP, India and rsquo;.

About Painting:

A semi abstract embossed subject (Elephant) sticks out bold in a colour palette limited to primary and secondary colours. The majestic animal and rsquo;s background is a macro capture of its skin. Elephants walk many kilometres in search of food and water demonstrating team strength and endurance. Hence the painting is titled and lsquo;Endurance and rsquo;.

Painting of Shyamala Mullai Pandiyan, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Susithra B

I am Susithra. B, lives in Chennai, running a successful Hotel business for the past 4 years. Art is my passion from my childhood, I completed my Diploma in the year 2018-19 under the mentorship of Mr. Rajendran, Founder of Dessin Academy.

About Painting:

As I am from hotel industry, I want to choose my picture related to food based. Food prepared in traditional days by our ancestors using clay pots which might be a little more time consuming to prepare, but it is investment in itself. They are very healthy and nutritious comparing to the modern way of cooking.

Painting of Susithra B, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Uma Maheswari A

"Uma is an art lover since her childhood and has learnt various types of Arts and Crafts like Drawing, Painting, Craft, Sewing,Terracotta, Puppetry etc from various professionals in her life including Self-study. Uma loves to teach Children and shares with them a lot about Mind and Thoughts through the form of Art. She explores various Elements like Lines, Shapes, Forms, Colors, Value etc to help Children to Connect with Art at a different level. Uma has designed Rangoli books, conducted Art Workshops and Puppet shows. She has received many Awards and Certifications for Art and Craft. She is invited as Judge for Art Competitions by The Hindu Young World, Department Police, Colleges and Schools. She has participated in many group Art shows in Lalit Kala Akademi, Victoria Technical Institute, Cholamandal Artists Village and Dakshinachitra Galleries.

About Painting:

Rainbow is a symbol of joy. Its not often that we see a rainbow, but when it comes up it unfolds a lot of joy. Likewise, our creative thoughts also come up now and then. They are unpredictable. We need to catch hold of the thoughts and implement in life... Like a bird, our thoughts also keep wandering here and there, some times those are straight forward, sometimes the same thoughts go round and round. Some times our thoughts even tangle with each other form a new thought or idea.. Our thoughts are sometimes clear like white, sometimes grey and sometimes its unexplored like black. It is my way of expressing this message in the Painting called 'Rainbow Thoughts'.

Painting of Uma Maheswari A, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

Usha Kodeeswaran

A passionate artist since my childhood I started my art journey from a very young age. I took up a job just to sponsor this journey and with passion followed my dream and there is no looking back. Now this passion has become my profession. Teaching the same is yet another magic and I thoroughly enjoy it. So far, I have participated in 5 National Art Exhibitions. As a perfectionist by nature, I prefer realistic over abstract paintings and try my best to create hyper realistic effect in my works.

About Painting:

KOOTHAN (Sanskrit: Nataraja) the Hindu God Shiva symbolizes "the connection between religion and art", and this form represents Shiva as the Lord of dance, encompassing all "creation, destruction and all things in between". I have always been an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and consider it an immense pleasure to be painting the Lord. As an artist, I have wanted to paint metallic sculptures to learn the technique of bringing out the depth and lustre in them.

Painting of Usha Kodeeswaran, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

R Vanitha

Art is something growing along with me innately. I enjoyed my childhood with lines and colors. I always ensured that there is a special place for art in all walks of my life. All through this journey I sculpted my skills as a professional artist

About Painting:

This portrait is done using Ballpoint pen, one of my favorite medium. This medium gives me happiness and confidence. The wrinkles running through the painting reveals the beauty of the subject and the vibrant colors always make me bold and brave.

Painting of R Vanitha, Dessin Academy, Presents, Shades of Soul, Art Exhibition, Season-6, 2022

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