Your Oppprtunities

Our Institute provides wide opportunities to the students to excel in the artistic spheres of their lives, transforming buddies having interest in drawing into artists who expertise themselves through paint and canvas. Here, at DESSIN Academy, we look to expose our students to various real life challenges and help them equip themselves with qualities that will help them conquer any obstacle that they are likely to face in the field going forward. We provide them with various opportunities to nurture them in becoming not just better but the best artists.

> Exhibitions are conducted at regular intervals giving opportunity to students to portray their talents out in to the world. This helps people, buyers and other artists to recognize them and helps them open up to the outside world.

>The students are given the responsibility to conduct this exhibition by themselves. They are guided by our staff and provided full support. Going to various galleries, meeting different artists will unveil them to competition and help them understand the new styles and trends followed by others.

>The institute apart from teaching art also includes many intangibles related to art. Here one is not only taught how to draw and paint, but also is taught how to sell their paintings, how to find the best fit of what you like to paint and what the buyers like to buy. Students get a chance to meet well known artists, curators and other art enthusiasts to better understand the market and are guided for providing the finest paintings at the best rates.

>Outdoors / field visits. Giving the students a real time experience of draw what they see. Going outside and seeing and drawing new things, live, improve the ability of the students to imagine better and think more creatively.

>Opportunity to know great artists, mingle with them and interact personally giving a wide exposure to the students.