About Dessin School of Arts

About Dessin School Of Arts

Dessin of School Arts

Dessin of School Arts was founded with the vision to bring arts to children. Our Creative and fun dased Systematic approach to nature and develop artisic skill in young minds aims to deepen their knowledge, broaden their perspective and shoot out their creativity and innovativeness.

" Every child is an artist"
says Pabblo Picasso.

Focus on budding stars for a holistic and deeper understanding of arts by allowing children to unfold and grow in the right environment.
Our teachers / instructors are professionally qualified and trained from time to time to handle children of ages a low as 2 years and make this a best fun based learning experience for the creative Minds.

Our Mission

To spread the knowledge of ART by reaching out to every big and small place, let it be a city or a village or a small town and to hence teach every individual to be creative in their own way and in their own turfs.

Our Vision

To set up branches of Dessin Academy all over the world so as to provide opportunity for every individual a chance to learn and explore the field of ART.